PLS 404-01

Arneson, replies to objections:

  1. given greater difficulty and narrower options there cld be cases where we are justified in failing to conform to a standard and therefore we wld still be deserving of assistance.
  2. policy must be coarse-grained, and if so then welfare assistance will include giving assistance to the undeserving
  3. assistance to the desreving is a higher priority of justice than avoiding assistance to the undeserving


  • genealogy of “dependency:” history & origin of meaning of the concept
    • contemporary usage is ideological in the sense that it promotes a (valuative) belief system
      • true even though we treat it as neutral in meaning, when in fact disguises unacknowledged assumptions (moral/political)
        • morally stigmatizing associations
          • assumes that independence is absolutely good
          • assumes that dependency is absolutely bad
          • assumes some norms of independence (what is, what isn’t)


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