PLS 404-01

Rachels contd, college admissions preference based on race (affirmative action)

  • justice depends on why the applicant is better qualified: whether qualifications are deserved
  • if he worked harder, then deserved
  • if he had academic advantages over others then not deserved
  • if policy sometimes neutralizes undeserved advantages, then just
  • in some cases, equal treatment is not just
  • in other cases, equal treatment is just
  • if no policy in place but academic cred, then policy preserves unfair advantage
  • overall, more just


  • argument con: undeserved honor, role of cheerleading includes athletic skill
  • argument pro: role of cheerleader includes “spirit,” so could be deserved honor
  • in order to conclude, social practice of “cheerleading” needs to be redefined
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