PLS 404-01

Objections to Temkin, cont’d

  1. sufficiency more important
  2. prioritize need over equality
  3. leveling-down objection
    • tear down well-off A to bring up poor B
    • doesn’t improve others’ situation
  4. raising-up objection
    • improving position of well-off does not worsen condition of others

T’s reply: assumes well-being is all that matters in justice/fairness (desert matters, objections above don’t prove that egalitarianism works)

Parfit (pluralist egalitarian) asks:

  1. teleological egalitarianism (“telic”)
    • intrinsically bad to be worse off than another (equality trumps utility)
  2. intrinsically good to be better off, utility trumps equality

eq. & util both important, one doesn’t trump another

what about options? p.463

  1. all @ 150
  2. 50% @ 199, 50% @200
  3. 50% @101, 50% @200


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