PLS 404-01

For next week: 1-11 Sandel, Liberalism and Limits of Justice

Nozick rejects “patterned theories” (outcomes must match certain patterns)

  • egalitarianism
  • “moral merit”
  • “to each according to X”
  • marginal product
  • effort (how hard one tries)
  • sum of all the above, etc

supports “Entitlement theory”

  • just acquisition = just “holding”
  • presupposes theory of Property

“Wilt Chamberlain” argument against patterned theories (for a minimal state)

  1. holding just if acquired justly
  2. on any patterned theory, just steps can upset pattern
  3. to maintain it, you must either prevent just transfer or redistribute just holdings
  4. this violates property rights of holders
  5. therefore only entitlement theory is just; only minimal state is just
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