PLS 347-01

Outlines: Chs. 8, 11 & Issues 9, 16 Due Wed

Final is next Wed!!! (Poverty immigration healthcare)

Friday Nov 4 notes:


Immigration history: welcome immigrants becauseneed settlers and econ development. All changes with birth of modern welfare state under FDR,  now economic costs associated with immigration paid by taxpayers

-Cong controls immigration, INS in DOJ implements immigration policy

-US open immigration

-1850-70 welcome chinese to build rr, 1880s get rid of chinese-Chinese Exclusion Act

-Japanese-1907 agreement no Japanese to US, but can go to Hawaii. From Hawaii go to west coast.

-1865-industrial revolution, need workers, immigration from south/east Europe-catholics and jewish, not greeted by northern Europeans in US

-1900 anarchist bill-no immigrant if anarchist, anti immigrant from south and east. X) Sacco and Vincetti trial-robbery/murder in Mass, really anti-immigrant

-1918 Red Scare-no immigrants from Russia because communists, round up communists in US because threat to WWI effort

-1921-29-national origin quotas: 3% based on 1910 census, later changed to 2% based on 1890 census

-quotas on immigration

-1930s depression, no immigration, huge unemployment in US

-1940s-let chinese back into US because ally during WWII, no Japanese because enemy

-post WWII let in those who flee from communist countries

-1942 Bracero Program-temporary permits for agricultural workers, ended 64 because many stayed, reconsider today in light of need for agricultural workers

-1965-end national quotas, establish hemisphere limits-west hemisphere=120,000, eastern hemisphere=170, 000

-1966 flee from Cuba get auto citizenship

-80s refugees-US signed International Conv on Refugees=can claim pol refugee, but first must reach US territory to make claim-Sale v. Haitian Refugee Center

-86 simpson mazzoli-amnesty granted for 12 million illegal immigrants, employer deputized to enforce immigration law

-1990-lottery, 1 million investment, 700,000 admitted legally

Citzenship-anchor babies-born to illegal immigrant mother, automatic citizenship, puts parents at front of line under family unification for admission into US

-14th amendment makes anyone born in US a US citizen-designed to make newly freed slaves citizens

-U.S. v. Won Kim Ark-born in US=US citizen-regardless of parents status

-once US citizen entitled to all rights and benefits of US citizenship

-once citizen, can’t be taken away. Not always the policy

-Perez v. Brownell-vote in foreign election, loose citizens, SC says ok, voting interferes with Cong/X power over foreign policy.

-Trop v. Dulles-desert from mil, loose citizenship. SC says no, cruel and unusual punishment under 8th amendment
-Afroyim v. Rusk-vote in foreign election loose citizenship, Supremes no, once get citizenship, protected by 14th amendment due process clause. Can’t be taken away.


  • “anchor baby”
  • birtherism
  • natural-born citizen
    • jus soli
  • citizen by parentage
    • jus sanguinas
  • terrorists
    • al-Awlaki
      • US citizen
      • AQ
      • targeted killing
      • voluntary surrender/relinquishment
        • preponderance of evidence

social costs

  • education – children of ill.imm.?
    • Plyer v. Doe
      • edu not fund. rt.
      • kids not “suspect class”
      • state cannot deny edu (kid here via no fault of own)
    • Martinez v. Byrum
      • residency requirement
    • Dream Act (TX/US)
    • San Antonio v. Rodriguez
      • wealth-based discrimination
        • reasonable reason only
    • OH system ruled unconstitutional (SCOOH)
      • “DeRolphe cases” (four total)
      • set spending floor 1998
      • GenAssy ignored ruling
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