If my cat was from an RPG

Yes, it’s totally gaming-nerd humor, deal with it. This morning, my idiot cat was more psychotic than usual, and the thought randomly popped into my head that he was spamming his skill bar. That, of course, led to an absolute need to quantify what that skill bar consisted of. Naturally, that led to another absolute need to figure out what the skill icons would look like and then generate them. This is the result of a Saturday afternoon’s silliness; enjoy.

Skill Type: Shout
Activation: 2 sec.
Duration: 5 sec.
Recharge: 90 sec.
Howl loudly, interrupting enemies within Earshot. Dismisses Sleep condition on enemies. You have +75% chance to dodge projectile attacks.

Skill Type: Melee Attack
Activation: 1 sec.
Duration: 5 sec.
Recharge: 15 sec.
Ram target enemy’s legs, slowing movement rate by 33%. Enemies in motion have +20% chance of Knockdown. You have -50% armor vs. blunt damage and -75% chance to block.

Skill Type: Preparation
Activation: 90 sec.
Duration: 10 min.
Recharge: 2-3 hours
Recharges energy meter, provides ammunition for TOXIC FUMES.

Skill Type: Stance
Activation: 3 sec.
Duration: 90 sec.
Recharge: 5 min.
Enter stealth mode. Immediately recharges all Melee Attacks. +1% chance of going airborne for every 3 sec. skill remains charged before activating LAUNCH.

Skill Type: Elite Skill
Activation: Instant
Duration: 2 min.
Recharge: 7 min.
Enter Berserker mode. +300% movement rate, 50% chance of self-Knockdown when stopping or changing direction. +25% range & chance of airborne assault during LAUNCH. Deal & receive +25% damage. End effect: you are Exhausted.

Skill Type: Melee Attack
Activation: 1 sec.
Duration: 2 sec.
Recharge: 3 min.
Suddenly pounce upon Nearby enemies. Unblockable, always a critical hit. +1% chance for airborne assault every 3 sec. LURK remains charged. When activated during MAD DASH, additional +25% range & chance for airborne assault.

Skill Type: Curse
Activation: 90 sec.
Duration: 1 hour
Recharge: Requires LOCK & LOAD
Inflicts Poisoned and Diseased conditions on enemies In The Area for the duration of the curse. Consumes 50% of available energy and dismisses LOCK & LOAD.

Skill Type: Enchantment
Activation: 10 sec.
Duration: Until dismissed
Recharge: 3 min.
Breaks enemy aggro. Regenerates HP and energy. Only remedy for Exhaustion condition. End effect: you are Dazed (60 sec.)

Disclaimer: Skill formatting loosely based on Guild Wars. No cats, virtual or otherwise, were harmed in the creation of this skill bar. Alcohol may or may not have been involved.

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