PLS 487-01


  • what does it mean
    • supervision
    • failure to notice/consider
    • achieve first avoid second

overlapping overseers

  • mix of policy & intel bodies
    • JICC
      • key to EXCOM-USDI on it, allows for better coordination w/ DNI
  • presidents foreign intel advisory board PFIAB
    • appointed by Pres
    • subject to politicization

where to focus

  • tend to focus on issues of espionage, covert action
    • analytic issues secondary, until something goes wrong
  • presidential findings
    • broad, open to IC to define operation
    • risk of disconnect w/ policy, need for effective oversight

The Commission

  • good or bad
  • issues
    • political in nature
    • objective or not
    • level of experience adequate
  • what about IG?
    • IG exists in all depts
      • ensure operationg within legal guidelines
      • carrying out the mission
      • activities not unlawful, wasteful, criminal
      • subject to Senate confirmation


  • authority established by Constitution
  • how can it exert influence/oversight
  • budget appropriation & authorization
    • leads to plms
      • “Hollow budget authority” authorized, no funding
      • appropriated not auth
  • mujlti-year (“no-year”) uncommon
  • supplemental approps more common

Other levers

  • hearings
  • nominations (increasingly controversial/adversarial)
  • treaties
  • reporting reqs
  • investigations, reports
  • “taking hostages”
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