PLS 487-01


*** QUIZ *** HANDOUTS ***

will send out slides

Intel process (cycle)

  • steps or stages in intelligence from policymakers perceiving a need for information to the community’s delivery of an analytical intellifence product to them (Lowenthal)
  • 5 major steps
    • ID requirements (planning, direction)
    • collection
    • processing and exploitation
    • analysis (production)
    • dissemination
  • Lowenthal: 2 extra steps
    • consumption
    • feedback

Reqs (planning/direction)

  • analogous for planning and direction
  • shoulg reflect policy priority
  • plms associated w/divide
  • reqs gap: what can IC do?
  • why bad?
  • other issues
    • competing priorities
    • DNI too removed from process?
  • criticality of resources
  • “priority creep”


  • determined by priorites & reqs
  • affected by budget, resources (trends toward tech)
  • more = better?
  • pref for intel may depend on perspective
  • info is raw, must be processed, made usable

processing & exploitation

  • downstream activities
  • collection (volume) much greater than PE
  • PE more “inhouse”
  • poor PE more likely to lead to error/fail?

intel analysis & production

  • current v longterm
  • competetive analysis downsides
  • analysts are not intellectual ciphers (human beings)

dissemination, consumption, feedback

  • get the word out; executive products
  • what q’s does IC ask itself
  • dissemination issues (schedule, feedback)

cycle review

  • requirements gap
  • hidden factor
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