Govt shutdown “negotiations,” simplified

CHILD: I want that video game.

PARENT: Hey, that’s pretty expensive.

CHILD: But I waaannnnnt it!

[later, at the store]

PARENT: OK, here’s your game. It’s not on sale so the price is higher, but I said you could have it so here you go.

CHILD: Cool! Can you buy me a candy bar?


CHILD: Ooh! Ooh! A bike! I want that bike too!

PARENT: Now wait just a darn minute here…

CHILD: OMG look there’s a new iPod! I want a new iPod too!

ANNOUNCEMENT: The store will be closing in 5 minutes. Please bring your purchases to the checkout now, and thank you for shopping in our store.

What should a sensible parent do at this point?

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