PLS 331-01

  • health care debate
    • watch for vote switchers
    • watch SOTU for “civility”
    • watch SOTU for politics v.policy

Megan: first nomination, David Packman “time to talk blame”

Sherry: Phelps

Midterm is FEB 3

Ch1 = Priority 3 (esp. table on P.21)

Ch2 =1

Ch3 = 2

Chapter 2: advantages to incumbency

  1. money/fundraising
  2. incumbent perks (franking privileges etc)
  3. experience campaigning
  4. ideological sorting

nonpartisan elections:

  • judges — party not listed
  • DTN city council
  • school boards

demographic self-selection

third parties/minority parties

  • only 7 times have 3d party candidates carried a state in electoral college
  • biggest ever by popular vote (20%): Perot 1992
    • Perot popularized debt bitching
  • Nader 2000 (FL spoiler)

Independents/3d parties:

  • cannot raise money from conventional sources
  • excluded from official debates
  • serve as ideological laboratories
  • represent ciphers on ballot instead of icons: require too much research

Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), Kent Conrad (D-) not running for re-election


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