Meaningless election numbers! Woohoo!

Out of sheer curiosity, I looked up the county’s absentee balloting data as of today (courtesy of the Montgomery County BoE):

  • 16317 Democrats
  • 12795 Republicans
  • 9478 Nonpartisans
  • 47 Libertarians
  • 33 Constitutions
  • 11 Greens
  • 11 Socialists

Democrats appear to have a slight advantage in early/absentee balloting, but there’s a catch. The Nonpartisans are either people who have never voted in a partisan primary (so the BoE can’t classify them), or they specifically request the “issues only” ballot for primary elections. These are more commonly called “independent” voters, but they might just be people who vote in general elections only. In order to be listed as a member of a given party in Ohio, you have to either vote in that party’s primary or specifically tell the BoE your party affiliation (which most people don’t bother to do).

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