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From now on, my Facebook posts will not actually come from Facebook; they will instead be pushed from LeonardRojas.com. I’ve been thinking about doing this for a while now, for the following reasons:

  1. FB keeps making annoying and arbitrary changes to its service (when the system code is in constant flux, data security is impossible),
  2. privacy settings are ineffective at best and deceptive at worst,
  3. the whole “social advertising” concept,
  4. FB has become the Microsoft of the online world: the biggest and easiest target for hackers, worms and other malware, and
  5. it is entirely possible to have the function of FB (and much, much more) without any of the headache, by using stable, proven software that I’ve been using for several years longer than FB anyway.

This doesn’t mean that I’m deleting my account (although I will be removing certain information), and will no longer be available via Facebook. I will still see your status updates and posted links because I get all of that in my RSS reader anyway; I will still log in to comment on your posts. I will still see your comments and posts on my Wall, tags and so forth.

What it means is that I will not need to deal with arbitrary FB service changes that are almost always detrimental. I will no longer be exposed to all of the (honestly, lame) “apps” that serve either as malware payload delivery systems or data rippers. I will not have FB pushing the names of strangers (or worse) at me trying to suggest friends based on the most tenuous basis possible, and it will never again ask me to feed my entire email contact list into a massive, insecure database with no privacy policy worth mentioning for that particular “feature.” I will not be available for FB chat, which quit working worth a damn several months ago anyway; this also means that my online/offline status will not be available (I will always appear “offline”).

In short, I’m sick of Facebook’s bullshit (you get what you pay for) and since I have another option, I’m taking it. For most of you, the only difference you might notice is the formatting and a little blue “W” on my posts from now on. I would prefer that any comments you make on my posts be made here on my actual website instead of FB, but that’s up to you.

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