PLS 315-01

Midterm review, my result: 93 (A)

2 points of view:

  1. separation
    • shift toward sep. begins early 20th thru 80’s
    • “high wall”
    • reduce govt involvement
    • religion private matter
  2. accommodation
    • esp. 19th cent. Protestants, late 20th cent. xtian conservatives
    • “low wall”
    • encourage govt to accommodate rel
    • public place of religion
    • accomodation is positive for both nation & religion
    • nation has “transcendent” foundation
    • extremist viewpoint goes even further
      • diversity is harmful: “e pluribus unum” invalid?
      • suppression of theological “error” is good
      • legal establishment of *one* state religion
    • multiple establishment|———–|xtian preferentialism|————–|single establishment|
    • similar treatment for all|———-|some more equal than others|—–|there can be only one church
    • establishment = govt financing via taxation
    • criminalize religious dissent, other sects
    • blasphemy/sabbath laws
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