PLS 315-01

  • Midterm: moved to WED

New polling, Pew Forum:

see also: same-sex marriage polling

African-American participation

  • history of disenfranchisement
    • slaves in S
    • freemen in N
  • 15th Amend. extends the vote
    • reaction: Jim Crow
    • de facto segregation
  • AfAm vote begins @ GOP (Lincoln, emancipation)
  • AfAm vote begins moving toward Dems
    • New Deal 1930s: FDR
    • Civil Rights Act of 1964: LBJ
  • compositional factor

modern AfAm xtianity

  • emphasizes equality, liberation
  • reject white theologies that supported slavery
  • EXODUS most key biblical narrative
    • god acts in both religious and political manner
    • faith inherently political
  • substantive factor

MuslimAm voting; trends toward Dem (63% of population)


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