PLS 315-01


  • centralized authority
  • unity
  • positions on faith/doctrine/morality
  • American Catholic Church
    • traditional
    • progressive
  • Vatican II
    • promoted Americanization
  • Culture Wars
    • enhanced split


  • no central authority
  • individualism

(Pew Forum Religious Landscape Survey)

Evangelicals v. “Mainline” churches (protestant)


  • rooted in 19th cent.
  • “Born Again” experience
  • worship more emotional, experiential, participatory
  • emotional preaching style
  • fundamentalism: literal inerrancy of bible
  • moderate evangelicals
  • liberal evangelicals
  • Pentecostals (gifts of spirit, glossalalia*, healing, etc)
    • “angelic language” v. multilingualism via grace
  • Af-Am churches
  • witnessing to the faith
  • public professions of faith


  • private expressions of faith
  • uncomfortable with discussion of faith
  • less emotional, more intellectual (may be more ritualized)
  • salvation based on gradual growth rather than “eureka” moment
  • love thy neighbor, “peace & justice xtians”
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