ATH 300-01

Handout: recordation

  1. How should the attribution of arch. materials be handles when they are entered into a repository setting?
    • Need to retain knowledge of context and source: provenance
    • Horizontal/vertical position stratigraphy
    • may have originated from other feature
    • intelligible coding system with key
      • accession #, indicates original source of artifact
      • lot #, specific provenance of one or more items (location)
      • article #, what it says
    • photos, field notes, plans, drawing, etc can but doesn’t necessarily get acc#
  2. What aspects or attribs of arch.-collected specimens shd be recorded?
    • Metric attribs: weight, dimensions
    • composition
    • color (Munsell)
    • hardness
    • decoration
    • source of component/raw materials
    • method of manufacture
    • complete/partial
    • type
  3. To what level of inspection shd accessioned ach materials be subjected?
    • enumerative
    • descriptive
    • functional
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