PLS 407-B01

  1. Philosophical Beliefs
    • What is the “ essential” nature of political life? Is the political universe essentially one of harmony or conflict? What is the fundamental character of one’s political opponents?
    • What are the prospects for the eventual realization of one’s fundamental political values and aspirations? Can one be optimistic, or must one be pessimistic on this score?
    • Is the political future predictable? In what sense and to what extent?
    • How much control or mastery can one have over historical development? What is one’s role in moving and shaping history in the desired direction?
    • What is the role of “ chance” in human affairs?
  2. Instrumental Beliefs
    • What is the best approach for selecting goals or objectives for political action?
    • How are the goals of action pursued most effectively?
    • How are the risks of political action calculated, controlled, and accepted?
    • What is the best “ timing” of action to advance one’s interests?
    • What is the utility and role of different means for advancing one’s interests?
  3. Textbook, p.109




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