PLS 407-B01


Journal 1 info:

X = Liberal

Exercise 1: How much $ to allocate for foreign aid next year? (mixed ideology group)

[ -10% / +10% / no change / other ]

My choice:

  • increase non-military aid > 10% (other)
  • development, humanitarian aid only!
  • shift funds from military aid if necessary
  • US foreign aid is large absolute figure, but proportionally insignificant as percentage of GDP
  • is real-world economy a factor in thought experiment or not?

Final result: UNDECIDED/DEADLOCK: 3 conflicting views: increase, no change, cut

Exercise 2: Same as above, all-X group

My choice: +10%

  • immanent economy assumed to be operative; “next year” budget
  • preferred option infeasible, +10% = next-best option
  • same reasoning as above

Final result: UNDECIDED/DEADLOCK: 2 conflicting views: increase, no change

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