REL 340

No class memorial day

*** Exam next Wed, study guide ***

10 cent. Tibetan Buddhism imported monks from India: Atis’a

  • Abhidharma Pitaka
    • Vinaya: monastic rules
  • Mahayana ideas
    • bodhicitta (wisdom/enlightenment + awakening)
    • S’antideva
    • gradual progression toward enlightenment
  • Tantra
    • “eureka” monents
    • aka Vajrayana B’sm (vajra: diamond, thunderbolt)
    • more experiential than intellectual
    • nirvana=samsara
    • taboos
    • seek out desires & aversions in order to overcome them
    • access always restricted, now not done at all (something from the past)

pre-Buddhist religion of Tibet: Bon (elaborate form of shamanism, fit well with tantra)

17th century, 5th Dalai Lama, monasteries eventually accrue more political power over centuries

  1. mind: visualization, mandalas, deity yoga
  2. speech: short phrases/mantras for recitation
  3. body: manipulation of rosary/objects

male figure in sexual images: upaya, female = prajna

Image: Mahakala (time)

Manjushri: wisdom, teaching – widely worshipped bodhisattva in Tibet


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