PLS 323-01


Gov. John Gilligan 1970-74

  • Rhodes left office under retirement fund scandal
  • congressman from Cinci
  • very aloof
  • intellectual/egghead
  • Irish Catholic
  • temper
  • spend on basic social programs in state
  • first “downhill” governor (declining state v. expanding state)
  • state tax/spend ratings: tied w/MS when elected
  • Dems swept all state offices
  • made first state income tax proposal
  • opposed WSU med school
  • closed all state parks in response to passage of med schools
  • used to blackmail in order to pass income tax
  • boosted public ed spending, making historic improvements in quality
  • responsible for first minimum wage
  • lottery
  • Dept. of Aging, senior citizens’ issues
  • 2 medical schools
  • MRDD civil rights (PL’s law)
  • institutions converted to hospitals
  • created OH EPA
  • ended strip mining
  • started cleanup of Lake Erie, Cuyahoga River
  • daughter is Kathleen Sebelius, only father/daughter governors in US history
  • runs for POTUS ’76 v. Carter
  • supported Ed Muskie v. McGovern
  • typically took state plane to vacation home, in MI (scandal!!)
  • politically tone deaf
  • passed over John Glenn for Metzenbaum in Senate
  • 1974, Rhodes defeats Gilligan 50.2%
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