PLS 323-01

Midterm rescheduled to THURSDAY MAY 6!!

*** STATE OF OH ***

  • student at put-in-bay, class of 1 addressed by T. Moyer
  • P. Leonard was first to do this
  • Strickland appts Brown to CJ
  • Brown starts May 3

Brunner/Fisher debate

  • Fisher sought official endorsement, party objected
    • did want the endorsement
    • he says her email changed his mind
    • she did email bombs
  • final questions:
    • Brunner: explain conflicts of interest, re Development Director
    • Fisher: it’s all DC’s fault
    • Fisher: will JB endorse me if she loses
    • Brunner: address me by title, not first name; evasion

State of OH has more media markets than any other state

PL also first state econ director as LtGov

Govs to know:

  • Frank Lausche
  • Tom Herbert
  • Michael DeSalle
  • Frank Lausche
  • John Brown
  • C. William O’Neill  5’4″
    • CJ OH SupCt
    • OH House Speaker
    • AttyGen
    • Governor for 2 years
    • only person in state history to be elected to all 3 top elected offices
    • last 2-year governor of state 1956-58
    • state was booming
    • issued AttyGen opinion denying segregated school funding
    • originated idea of OH as right-to-work state (brought him down)
    • GOP was obliterated on this issue at election day
  • Michael DeSalle 5’5″
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