PLS 323-01

Ballot issues

  1. Third Frontier funding
  2. Casino move

Tea party head (from Spb, OH): “so many spics I feel like a speck,” currently under investigation & TRO’s

senator represents 300k-400k people, rep represents 1/3 of that

1964 SCOTUS decision on one-man-one-vote districting

Apportionment Board

  • most influential but least known political body
  • 2 from each party of each house
  • plus governor
    • D Strickland/Brown
    • R Kasich/Taylor
  • plus auditor (open seat race)
    • R Seth Morgan (TP)
    • R David Yost
    • D Pepper
  • plus secstate (open seat race)
    • R John Husted
    • R Sandra O’Brian (TP)
    • D Mary Ellen O’Shaunessy
  • redraws congressional districts after US Census
  • NOT state-level districts

state legislators

  • represent people of the district
  • policy-making
  • state budget
  • legislative oversight


  • judiciary
  • banking
  • utility
  • insurance
  • interstate cooperation


  • meeting of party members
  • BEDO: Black Elected Democrats of OH
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