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pratitya samutpada: “Dependent Origination,” Buddha’s cosmology/epistemology/view of the universe

  1. no “essences”
    • sva-bhava: “own being”
    • s’unya: “empty”
  2. impermanence
  3. coherence & continuity
    • things are not random
  4. intellectual basis for Middle Path

rebirth discussion, personal opinion: probably a sales pitch, “if you give up all of that Hindu stuff and follow this path that this righteous ksatriya has laid out, you will escape the (Brahminical)wheel of rebirth. if not, or if you’ve not completely given it up, you will never escape.”

dharmas: components of reality

karma in early Buddhism

  • literally means “action”
  • always linked to rebirth
  • volitional/willed action
  • motivated by selfishness/attachment/desire
  • parinirvana “extinction without remainder”
  • born with 5 skandhas: “name & form” which lead to:
    • belief in self
      • desires & aversions
        • karma
          • rebirth

late Buddhism = Mahayana “Great Vehicle: ~2nd century CE criticized parinirvana

early Buddhism = Theravada “View of the Elders”

Eightfold Path

  • Wisdom (prajna)
    1. right view
    2. right thought
  • Ethics (S’ila)
    1. right speech
    2. right action
    3. right livelihood
  • Mental Culture (Bhavana)
    1. right effort
    2. right mindfulness
    3. right concentration

Sri Lanka: predominantly Theravada

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