REL 340-02

Buddha’s first teaching: middle path, not extreme asceticism or hedonism

Four Noble Truths

  1. Sarvam duhkham (all is suffering)
    • duhkha duhkha (ordinary suffering)
      • physical pains & discomforts
      • mental annoyances, etc.
    • viparinama duhkha (suffering produced by change)
      • result of impermanence
    • samskara duhkha
      • (causally) conditioned state

Anatman: 5 skandhas (factors)

  1. rupa (body)
  2. vedana (sensations)
  3. (perceptions)
  4. (mental formations)
  5. (consciousness)

all impermanent, causally conditioned (results)

King Milinda (Greek Menander?)

pratitya samutpada: dependent origination (causality)

  • Buddha’s theory of how reality works
  • nothing has essence
  • nothing eternal
  • things are not random
    • continuity through change
  • this is the middle path view
    • essentialism on one side
    • nihilism on the other side
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