PLS 323-01

x-credit quiz: Moyer’s death

potential Republican power

  1. farmers
  2. business
  3. newly affluent african-americans
  4. society more conservative
  5. loss of labor jobs

State Auditor: sits on apportionment board of state, which redraws cong. districts

Video: State of Ohio

  • May statewide ballot
    • Issue 1
    • Issue 13
  • Morgan/Yost (Republican Primary Auditor)
  • Fisher/Brunner
  • Apr.13 debate
  • party-closed primaries
  • slot machines (@ racetracks only) will be on ballot
  • 18% increase in use of food pantry/soup kitchens statewide from 2 years ago
  • Matt Dolan
    • was sole GOP vote on budget fix bill
    • did not vote for budget itself
    • opposes one-time only federal money
    • Planning & Management Commission has not met
    • identify targets for budget cuts
    • prison reform& BWC reform can be cut
  • Peter Ujvagi
    • more cuts coming if economy doesn’t pick up
    • tax cuts haven’t worked over 5 years
    • reduced state income by millions while obligations mount
    • need cuts and restructuring
    • budget a moral document

OH Budget: $40B to run the state: only on target to generate $32B, shortfall of $8B

Taft enacted last minute income tax cuts on way out

possible income state tax increase

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