REL 340-02

The Buddha’s cultural environment:

  • Brahmanism/Vedism
  • caste system
  • yajnas
  • sramanas
    • asceticism
  • samsara (cycle of rebirth/re-death)
  • moksha
  • Upanishads

Other bio data

  • previously thought ~550BCE, now considered to ~420-380BCE
  • born in Lumbini, Nepal
  • Indo-Gangetic plain

Jataka (birth) tales, qualities emphasized

  • anatman = no-self
  • maitri = friendship to all living things
  • compassion
  • patience

pre-Buddhahood, entitled Bodhisattva (a being intent on elightenment)

Tathagata = epithet for a Buddh, “came to thus-ness”

Dharma not quite the same as in Hinduism, but similar: truth, teachings of Buddha

Siddharta Gautama = Siddharta, he who has accomplished his goal

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