REL 340-02

Map: txt p.71

Buddha born in Nepal (S’akya)

S’akyamuni: S’akya (clan) / muni (sage)

Sarnath: 1st monastery

Philosophical questions of the time

  • moral structure of universe
  • why is there suffering
  • what happens @ death

s’ramana: strivers (sannyasi)

~1200BCE-500BCE: Brahmanism/Vedism

Samsara, karma

descendants of s’ramana groups

  • Jain
    • dates from ~8th century BCE
    • jiva: life force
    • ajiva: matter
    • goal of moksha
    • Buddha: their asceticism is too extreme
  • Ajivikas (extinct)
    • fatalist
    • impossible to influence rebirth
    • all lives predetermined
  • Carvakas (extinct-ish)
    • rational/materialist
    • rebirth not provable
    • hedonistic
  • Upanishads (Hindu response to Buddhism)
    • written by Brahmins
    • ~6th c. BCE
    • monist
    • ascetic
    • rejects concepts of Brahman = self
      • anatman (no self)

Nirvana = extinction, not liberation

MY linguistic questions:

  • jiva: chi, linguistic borrowing with China? Is “va” a word?
  • Maya: Buddha’s mother
  • Mahaprajapati: Buddha’s foster mother
  • Mt. Pandava?

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