REL 341-01

Contemporary events assignment due Feb 19!!

  • founded 7th century CE, took 100 years to spread from Spain to India
  • Arabia: tribes core of sociopolitical system
  • “polytheistic” Allah secured oaths
  • Zeuslike figure, but not primary deity
  • Poly-Allah not the same as Mono-Allah
  • Hubal: (moon) god of Kaba
  • Haram (sacred space around Kaba)
  • Uzzah = Isis = Aphrodite
  • Kaba believed to have been built by Abraham & Ishmael
    • or Adam, then destroyed in flood & rebuild by Moses, rediscovered by A&I
  • Zamzam (well at Mecca) provided by angel to give water to Hagar & Ishmael
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