REL 340-02

*** Video: Ramayana, animated by Nina Paley (available on YouTube) ***

Vishnu (Rama is later seen as incarnation)

  • Sanskrit word vishva: all/everything
  • minor character in Vedas, later becomes more important
  • avatara concept introduced in Puranas (“old stories”)
    • Brahma – creator
    • Vishnu – sustains
    • Shiva – destroys
  • lotus blossom symbolizes complexity, creation

Lakshmi (Vishnu’s wife, goddess of wealth & prosperity)

  • aka Sri-Lakshmi

Ananta the cosmic snake (without end)

Churning of the Ocean

  • Durvasas gets angry with Indra
  • because of Indra’s cavalier treatment of garland gift
  • Daityas = Rakshasas = demons

Reality = maya (cosmic illusion)

Lila – god’s play


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