PLS 466-01

UNMIN (2005 Nov 12, 12-pt. understanding signed in New Delhi)

SPA: Seven Party Alliance

Democratic constitutional monarchy established 1990

1950 Delhi Accords

1996, Maoists began insurgency/revolution

2001, June: palace massacre (King Birendra & family assassinated)

Dipendra (crown prince) accused of involvement

Gyanendra: king’s brother

Maoist demand:

  • republic — “proletariat”
  • land reforms
  • restructure India-Nepal relations

April 2006: Movement of democracy II

VHP: revivalist movement goals

  • rewrite history to glorify Hindu/Aryan
  • cultural definition of “Hindu”
  • Hindu = Indian (labeling scheme)
  • uniform civil code
  • special status of Kashmir to end
  • stop minority appeasement
  • reconstruct Ram temple

Panchayat: local council gov’t

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