ATH 346-01

Guest speaker: Dr. Edeko

Map: Nigeria

Yoruba area mainly SE nigeria, into Benin

world started at Ile’-Ife’ (near Ibadan, Nigeria)

god (Obatala) descended on chain with patch of soil & rooster (rooster’s scratching spread the lands around the world)

Yoruba is name of people and language (tonal)

religious life of modern Yoruba

  • all religions of world are practiced in region

nature of traditional religious practices native to Yoruba people

  • Orishas
    • religion of many paths
    • the means people mark transcendence
  • number of orisha: there are always “X + one”  as in “one more”
  • types of Orisha
    • cosmic
      • intellect
        • Esu
          • indeterminacy
          • equated (wrongly) “Satan” in Christianity
          • adjudication
        • Ifa’
          • divination/prognostication
          • witness to destiny/creation
          • knows the story of all things)
          • casting shells (mythographic writing)
      • origin
        • “Nothing is that lacks a story.”
        • Obatala
          • was drunk (palm wine) at creation, foreswore booze after
          • stability, serenity
          • devotees refrain from alcohol, wear white
      • toolmaking
        • Ogun, master of the forge, iron
        • Chango
        • creativity, fertility
      • illness
        • Sonpona
        • smallpox
        • devotees: Ajogun
      • well-being
        • Aje’/Aye’
        • god of marketplace, trade
      • Earth
        • Erinle
        • protects the earth from defilement
    • regional/local
      • ecological/environmental
        • rivers/waters
          • Osun
            • cool, gentle, creativity
          • Oya
        • mountains
          • Oloke
      • political/city-town-village
        • ex: Ogiyan (only worshipped in town of Ejigbo)
        • ex: Agemo (only in Ijebu’)

Christian denominations founded in Yorubaland

  • Redeemed Christian Church of God (founded by Akindayomi)
  • Cherubim & Seraphim

Hailing the gods/goddesses

sacrifice: key concept

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