ATH 346-01

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Semi-legendary leaders/historical figures:

  • Tadodaho
  • Deganawida
  • Hiawatha

Iroquois league cane:

  • Classes
  • groups of 2-3
  • discuss opinions
  • discuss opinions
  • announce decisions to other sachems of nation


  • religion oriented toward increasing forces of good
  • world populated by spirits
    • broken nose
    • human-like, must be respected, ceremonies toward that goal
  • calendrical rituals: thanksgiving to spirits
    • midwinter fest, expelling darkness of old year & renewing for new year
  • dreams
    • essential to Iroqois spirituality
    • thru which human & spirit world communicate
    • wishes in dreams had to be fulfilled
  • medicine societies: practitioners that addressed misfortune and illness brought on by malevolent forces
    • membership based on being cured by society
    • tutelary spirit guided members of society
  • company of mystic animals, tutelary spirits of these helper animals
  • little water medicine society: casualties of war
  • little people society – elf-like spirits who dwell in localities
  • false-face society: deflecting the influence of the spirits; imitate and rebuke false faces
  • husk-face society: agricultural rituals and the 3 sisters
  • Ohgiwe society: women’s society

Revitalization movements

  • start with prophet
  • who receives a revelation
    • what is wrong with the world that they are experience the crisis
    • vision of a new world and a way to bring it about

Plains indians

  • many liguistic/ethnic groujps
  • intro of horse by Spaniards
    • buffalo hunt
    • abandon horticulture
    • more mobile lifestyle

myth & worldview

  • coyote the trickster
    • free of rules
    • created world out of water
    • formed humans & animals from earth
  • rituals often connected w/ rites of passage


  • vision quest (Lakota)
  • sweat lodge

revitalization movements

  • ghost dance
    • Tavibo (Paiute of NV)
    • received vision of end time
    • huge earthquake
  • counterclockwise dance around fire, bring back dead ancestors
  • wovoka
    • 1889 eclipse, went into trance
    • saw god & dead ancestors
    • given instruction
      • give up warfare
      • don’t quarrel among selves


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