ATH 346-01

*** SYLLABUS ***

Major parts of class on WebCT, incl. PowerPoints

Explanation of book review

4 branches of ATH

  • phys
  • arch
  • cult
  • lang

concept of culture

  • shared
  • socially learned
  • knowledge
  • beliefs
  • patterns of behavior

Ethnographic fieldwork

  • systematic study of a people, using participant-obs, interview, recording of life history & 0ther narratives
  • one learns another lang.

what is participant-obs?

  • learning lang (if needed)
  • taking up residence
  • ask q’s, attempt cultural activities
  • stay for extended periods
  • keep notes (detailed written records)

how can meaning that others find in experience be interpreted & described? Ethnography

  • systematic report about a people
  • taking a written form
  • in large part based on field research
  • afterward, other sources can be consulted


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