PHL 215-01

EX. 1-1

  1. A N P
  2. Cannot be true by definition of “Pope.”
  3. P
  4. A N P (correction: a c p)
  5. P
  6. A N P (contingently true only if 6 is a negative number)
  7. Cannot be true.
  8. A N P
  9. P
  10. P (but unlikely)

EX. 1-2

  1. CE: Pope
  2. No CE: existential claim, extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence
  3. No CE: statistical generalization
  4. CE: WA state
  5. CE: Rubies
  6. No CE: statistical generalization
  7. No CE: categorical
  8. CE: universal generalization, this class (also WSU course catalog)
  9. No CE: Statistical generalization
  10. CE: universal generalization — Pope Ratzinger drinks wine at every Mass (regardless of what they claim the wine turns into once a priest says the magic spell)
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