CST 232-B02

Zen & the Ways

  • fine arts ways (calligraphy, ink brush painting, haiku)
  • household arts ways (cha-do tea ceremony)
  • martial arts ways
  • Jitsu: means technique
  • Do: means way
  • Haiku: 17 syllables, 5-7-5, spoken in one outbreath, 65 rules
  • any experience whatsoever, crafted into haiku
  • famous poet: Basho
  • on a withered bough
    a crow alone is perching
    autumn evening now

  • behavior powers perception
  • few sounds allowed in tea ceremony: fire, water boiling, tea being poured, tea being whisked
  • ken-do: way of the sword
  • “they who teach fearlessness teach everything
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