CST 232-B02

The Dao De Jing by Laozi (AKA Tao Te Ching by Lao-Tzu) remember “jing” means “classic”

  • Confucius: harmonize with each other in mutually beneficial reciprocal relations
  • Laozi: harmonize with the Dao
  • Socrates: freedom to think independently of myth
  • whatever culture does is, by definition, not natural
  • Daoist Cosmology

  • Dao: mysterious; the way of things (see yesterday notes)
  • Dao – One – Two – Three – “Ten Thousand Things”
  • the One: Chi — life energy, living energy (does not evolve, it devolves) Chi-Kung
  • the Two: Yin/Yang dynamism (fem/masc; complementary rather than competetive – Yin dark, Yang light)
  • the Three: Σ1+2, in various combinations to produce a single thing
  • the Ten Thousand Things: nature
  • key concept: minimize the influence of culture in life, in order to harmonize with nature
  • The Inner Chapters, by Zhuangzi (Chuang-tzu)

  • Butterfly dream: “A Happy Meandering”
  • DC: Dream Consciousness
  • WC: Waking Consciousness
  • problem-solution dynamic: problems lead to solutions in both forms of consciousness, which generate more problems
  • law of unintended consequences
  • TC: Transformed Consciousness
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