CST 232-B02

Daoism / Taoism

“Nothing great enters the life of man w/o a curse.” — Sophocles

  • intelligence does not proceed according to rules
  • rules/culture is arbitrary and artificial
  • culture creates tensions
  • diseases of culture
    • 10% alcohol
    • 10% illegal psychoactives
    • 10% gambling
    • 23% cigarettes
    • 27% obesity
    • 1.0% media
    • 10% legal psychoactives
    • 28% medicated
  • judgment/impulse control in brain is reduced in crowds
  • “Come away oh human child
    to the waters and the wild
    with a fairy hand in hand
    for the world’s more full
    of weeping than you can understand” — WB Yeats
  • Daoist solutions:

  • flee – remove self from culture
  • form “intentional communities”
  • be in culture but not of culture
  • Dao defined as: nameless and formless; vague, mysterious and feminine; non-judgmental, non-intentional and purposeless; spontaneous and creative
  • the Sage acts in concert with Dao
  • “piece” of dao: P’U: the inner dynamic
  • enculturation: culture forms and conforms you
  • wu-wei: action in concert with Dao; being fearlessly true to inner dynamic; non-intentional action; effortless action
  • Dao -> nature -> culture
  • culture is coercive
  • Law of Coercion: human relations are complex and wholly unpredictable; however all interactions based upon force, violence, manipulation or coercion, will have unfortunate outcomes
  • Freud: 2 key drivers, love (sex) & work
  •   Love/Sex Work
    Coercion Rape Slavery
    Reciprocity Prostitution Employment
    Integrative ??? Entrepreneurship
  • 3rd option: play
  • influence others by punishment, reward
  • Sage leads by attraction (example)
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