CST 232-B02

Confucianism cont’d

will of heaven/mandate of heaven

Five Relationships: see yesterday list

add to bottom of list (these create obligations & reciprocities):


this creates a cycle of benefit and reciprocity, keeping the relationship established

relationships: concrete experience
rights: abstract concept

Confucian view: relationships are not essentially coercive, rights are

Ethical relationships in contemporary thought

  1. Monadic
  2. intimate
  3. distant
  4. transcendental
  5. environmental

the “Master” teaches nothing but self-cultivation and other-regard (“other” means “not self”)

Analects of Confucius
Shu: refrain from doing to others that which you find harmful to yourself (Silver Rule)
Xian Golden Rule
do unto others that which you would have other do to you
Wiccan Rede:
and harm ye none, do as ye will

conf. rule covers only harm, xian rule is probably superior as it covers all behavior

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