CST 232-B01

Chinese Religion

    Confucius (Kung fu-tzu; the Great Sage Kung)

  • Ruism (native word; Confucianism is British word)
  • influenced 25% of world population for 2500 years
  • Analects of Confucius
  • self-cultivation and not-self (other) regard
  • Four Virtues
    1. humane-ness/empathy
    2. filiality – proper ordering of relationships within family
    3. mirror neurons
    4. propriety: that which is fitting (rational/aesthetic-felt apprehension of rightness or wrongness of certain relationships)
    5. Chinese classics: Jing

    6. fair-mindedness/balance
  • Five Relationships (women societally deprecated)
    1. father/son
    2. older/younger brothers
    3. husband/wife
    4. friend/friend
    5. ruler/subject
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