CST 232-B02

Exam grades posted @ 370 Millett after 2PM

Notes-review from yesterday

“right” is a misnomer, more like “beneficial”
“path” is a misnomer; more like 8-fold continuum

the most determined warriors are always religious

right view = dependent production
(suffering is interconnected and interrelated)
merchant class & Buddhism developed parallel to each other in India

right effort: persistent employment of 8fp
right mindfulness: formal / informal

right concentration
most effective form of psychotherapy: cognitively based mindfulness therapy
(right stability / how to stabilize a skill)

religion: concerned with ultimate being/state/consciousness — is Buddhism a religion? maybe

Budddha first historical figure to state equality of women

Sangha: Buddhist community — the oldest continuing non-family human social institution (the group of all those pursuing Nirvana)

Buddha + dharma + sangha = the Three Jewels

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