CST 232-B02

Buddha & Buddhism (the Dharma)

  • “Buddha” is not a name: means “the awakened one”
  • Buddha is the first of the awakened ones
  • born Siddhartha Gautama (2571 year ago, dies 2491 years ago @ 80)
  • warrior caste/royal family
  • Siddhartha means “wish fulfilled,” born to parents late in life
  • 1 year pregnancy, “virgin” birth, born walking & talking, flowers in the footsteps
  • follows pattern of World Savior Myth
  • wealth, power, status, heir to throne
  • married at 16 to Princess Yosidara
  • has child at 28, soon to become king
  • on leaving the castle grounds (forbidden), encounters a sick person, a very old man, a funeral, and a renunciate The Four Sights
  • asceticism: extreme self-denial: weaken the body to liberate the spirit

  • sleep deprivation
  • food/drink deprivation
    1. Life is suffering
    2. suffering has causes (3 poisons/3 fires)
      1. selfishness (clinging, greed)
      2. ill will (antipathy, hotness)
      3. confusion (illusion, ignorance)
    3. the causes can be ended
    4. The Eightfold Path
      1. right views
      2. right intentions
      3. right speech
      4. right action
      5. right livelihood
      6. right effort
      7. right mindfulness
      8. right concentration

      “right” from word “samma” meaning beneficial — “right” is inaccurate British xtian translation

      Three marks of existence:

      1. impermanence
      2. unsatisfactoriness
      3. no-self (no permanent or essential self, rather, there is a constructed self)
    5. IF the self is constructed, THEN it can be deconstructed and eventually reconstructed
    6. Freud: character is destiny
      Buddha: character is karma (an intentional state)

      impulses -> intention -> action -> habits -> character

  • The Dharma: the “Middle Way”
    life of self indulgence is low, vulgar, worldly, unspiritual, painful, useless, unprofitable
    life of self denial is low, vulgar, worldly, unspiritual, painful, useless, unprofitable

    Dependent Production: everything is connected to everything else, especially suffering

    sits under the tree and watches, eventually attains Nirvana (to blow out)

    “this being, that becomes” (IF-THEN-ELSE algorithm / cause-effect relationships)

    Four Noble Truths

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