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*** EXAM REVIEW 50Q, t/f, mc

# Concept: any understanding whatsoever
# Percept: any experience whatsoever

Define worldview

hunter-gatherer: horizontally organized, non hierarchical, non monogamous, maximally free, equalitarian
SAC culture: hierarchical, past orientation, vertically organized, not maximally free, non-equalitarian

definition of freedom
Western: sovereign freedom, personal freedom, civil liberties

Greeks: freedom to
Asian India: freedom from

Hero journey, culture hero 4 components: difficult, dangerous, important, transforming
ordinary hero is not transforming

culture heroes respond to “the call” (urge to live differently)
guardians (institutional and/or psychological)

shaman/shamanic journey definition
empathize with non-human world
creative imagination, symbolic representation

similarities between shamanism & science/ shamanism & western culture

Hinduism for class purposes is 3 kinds
Sanatana Dharma (everlasting order)
Samsara (darkling plain)

Hinduism begins with Sanatana Dharma (3 levels of existence, 3 this, 3 that, blah blah blah) fire sacrifice
scripture set up by priests

Sanatana challenged by Samsara (bondage & consequences, pain & suffering, repetitive death)
Upanishad existence not as Sanatana/Samsara: there is a permanent thing, Brahman. all else is illusion, non-permanent

atman = yourself = brahman is real, neti neti, lack of understanding = infection with desire

AUM mantra

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