PLS 200-05

Regulatory policy cont’d:

governed by Congress

  • rules.regs:
    • finance markets (operations/reports)
    • individuals
    • corporations
  • Taxes

  • top 1% of income: $365,000+: 40% tax bracket
  • Bottom 50%: $35,000-: 3%
  • flat tax: standard rate, same percentage for all
  • “fair” tax: eliminate income tax, IRS, operate from consumption tax (~23%)
  • “prebate”? provides for lower income assistance
  • know Ben Bernanke, head of Federal Reserve
  • know Henry Paulson, Sec. of Treasury
  • Candidates:
    IRAQ WAR Out in 1 Yr. Out in 1 Yr. Remain 100 Yr.
    TAX RATES Roll back Bush cuts Return to 90’s (250k) Keep Bush cuts
    TRADE Revise NAFTA, Revise/amend Pro-globalization
    opposes CAFTA oppose CAFTA
    SOC.SEC. Don’t privatize Don’t privatize personal saving accts (semi-pvtize)
    HEALTH Universal (4 kids) Universal empl. mandated free market health care
    LA MIGRA Faster naturalization Tech instead of fence deport illegals
    N @ off.Lng. N @ off.Lng. who commit crime, Y @official lang
    ABORTION pro-choice pro-choice pro-life
    GUNS limit purchases, no nat’l licensing, opposes gun control
    local controls local control

    know definitions, candidate positions, who controls which policy systems

    Chapter 3,4 in text

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