CLS 150-01

Roman values: key to success

  • selfless service to the state
  • individual honor & public status closely related
  • importance of law
  • shared decision-making (recall collegiality)
  • believed their morals & values were best
  • support of the gods: belief in divine destiny of Rome
  • Mos maiorum = “way of the ancestors”
  • duty to gods, country, parents, self (in order)
  • proper performance of religious rituals: communal
  • Fides = faithfulness, in widest sense; give each his/her due
  • self-control, perseverance
  • rewards: respect & status; auctoritas = personal authority
  • noble birth: higher status but also higher standards of behavior
  • wealth increasingly important in gaining respect
  • patron-client system: benefits and duties
  • Roman family: patria potestas = absolute “power of the father”
  • family council
  • status of role & women
    • “All mankind rule their wives, we rule all mankind, and our wives rule us”
  • education; key role of rhetoric
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