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Alaxander the great

-campaign now a march to end of world! last major battle in 326 at
Jhelum river vs. indian Rajah Porus…. gets to Beas river when troops
refuse to go further.
-Returns slowly to Susa… adds persian ceremoneal, dress, forms mixed
army core!
— in 323 when visiting hes capital city of Babylon ATG falls ill and
dies at age of 33 :(

Hellenistic Period 323-31 BC

-Polis not so important
-successors of Alxander form kingdoms
–3 dynasties: Antigonoids( macedonia, Greece) Ptlomies(Egypt)

and Selucids(Asia)
-Technology and Science andvanced! ( Archamedes, Eratosthenes,
-Prosperity!= ATG ppened persian royal treasuries, trade thrives,
building of roads, baths, civic structures.

Early Rome

-2 founding myths
Aeneas the Trojan and Romulus and rheamus( raised by wolf mom….
found rome…. Romulus kills Rheamus)
– Founding date April 21 753 BC
-Archeological evidence suggests habitation as early as 1000 BC
-EArly influences: Etruscans, Latins, Greeks!
-Rome a kingdom untill 509 BC

Rome The Republic

-State becOMES a public power
-Collegiality-power shared….
-2 Consuls
-Each consul has imperium…. the power to command armies….
symolized by fasces carried by lictors( 12 body guards for every consul)
-Senate c.300 ex magistrates… members for life…. .didnt pass
laws… very influential though
– 2 social classes=
1. Patricians- nobility… at first must be born into
2. Plebians= commoners! not nessasarily poor!
-Early phase of republic marked my conflict of the orders!!!—
Plebians win equal share in political realm
451 BC Roman laws codified and scribed on 12 tablets!!

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