CLS 150-01

*** QUIZ 2 TODAY ***

Short quiz on Friday on Sophocles


Oedipus could not avoid fate

  • origins: Dionysus, god of wine, fertiliity, The Other
  • Satyrs, Maenads, processions or dithyrambic choruses
  • Thespis, c.530, actor & chorus interact
  • (above is review)

  • from satyrs to serious: education of the demos
  • Annual festicals: City Dionysia, Lenaea, Rural Dionysia
  • competition; theoric fund; liturgies (wealthy person’s financial obligation)
  • Playwrights, actors, choruses
  • Three plays and a so-called satyr play; related theme or not
  • Orchestra: dancing floor; skene, eisodoi, ekkylema, mechane, masks — three actors max, few props (deus ex machina)
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