PLS 200-05

Test review today

The “Two Cow” analogy of political ideologies

Be able to address the 1-4 points on each ideology:
1. nature of man
2. role of govt
3. nature/rate of change
4. private property

1. self-serving, selfish
2. equality enforced by govt
3. rapid, with focus on tech (inevitable)
4. none

1. self-centered, rational actor
2. society over individual
3. rapid pace
4. limited

(centrist ideologies)

1. evil/corrupt
2. supreme
3. rapid & violent
4. not allowed

1. good/rational, cooperative
2. nonexistent (govt represses individuals)
3. rapid, often violent (violence against govt is moral)
4. none/communal

Dialectic: a logical process or exercise used to derive truth
thesis to antithesis to synthesis, dc al coda

know Marxism in detail

Progression of society:
slavery – feudalism – capitalism – dictatorship of proletariat – communism

different styles of Communism
Lenin – leader of Rus. Rev.; purist – keep ideology pure
Stalin – Communism is exportable; show workers they are oppressed, leading to revolt and Communism
Both agreed changes should be rapid & violent
Mao – generational warfare; lower socioeconomic classes must be involved

43 mult choice, t/f

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