PLS 200-05

Fascism / Nat’l Socialism (very similar to each other, only subtle differences)

the state is supreme (economically, politically, socially)

1. Nature of man: evil, corrupt
2. rate/nature of change: violent & rapid
3. role of govt: total, supreme
4. pvt property: nonexistent (all property belongs to the state)

Necessarily totalitarian; one single person or entity controls society/govt
anti-democratic, anti-communistic, anti-religion

Key mechanisms for societal control: military, secret police

  • Irrationalism (rejection of logic & reason)
  • sloganism
  • imagery
  • worship of the “super hero” (ubermensch) / elitism
  • art & music used for emotional manipulation
  • geographic identity / center of the world
  • violence is always an option, @ both individual and nation-state levels
  • inherently racist
  • history is rewritten to benefit the state

*** FILM CLIP – Orwell’s 1984, 1956 version *** (

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