PLS 200-05

Democratic socialism

|–COM–SOC–LIB– etc.

  1. nature of man: self-serving
  2. role of govt: welfare state
  3. nature of change: rapid/quick
  4. pvt prop: allowed but restricted

property & wealth redistribution

  • graduated tax system
  • social programs

Socialism from below: grassroots movement
Socialism from above: instituted by govt @ nat’l level, state, local

  • equitable distribution of wealth (graduated % increases)
  • shift of real property from pvt to pub ownership
  • concentrations of wealth deprives others the right/ability to own property (brief discussion of Kelo & eminent domain)
  • system of large pvt ownership is exploitative
  • full employment — unemployment is unacceptable
  • employ people via govt through pub works & pub svc programs
  • intimate govt involvement in business & industry
  • complete spectrum of social svcs (help lower socioeconomic classes)
    • health
    • insurance
    • education
    • job training
    • retirement security
  • 95% of American businesses are pvt-owned
  • moderation is key concept to socialism
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