CLS 150-01

[Copied from Che Raquel Hurt]

Agamemnon cant control Achilles. Has to give up his girl so he wants
Achilles’. Agamemnon and Achilles are both kings. Agamemnon has more
ships and men and territory then anybody else.

Homer-Oral poet/thought to be blind/

Homer and the Trojan War
• The Iliad, Odyssey and the oral traditions
o 800BC
• Invention of Greek alphabet play a role?
• What period do poems depict?
o Story about past before Homer. Homer is looking back.
• Some elements of Bronze Age and Dark Age; but is it more in
line with the Lord of the Rings? (i.e., not real)
• Yet Schliemann discovered a Bronze Age site at Troy (Turkey)
which was destroyed c. 1180 BC
• Iliad and Odyssey probably written down c. 800 BC

Homer Epic
• Bards, rhapsodes, and the Oral tradition
• Achaeans, Argives, Danaans
• Hexameter
o Pattern that the poem follows/ 6 units
• Heroic epithets
• Stock scenes
o Soldiers have to put on their armor.
• Multiple variations
o Different poets can have different versions
• The Muse; Gods and mortals
o Gods are immortal/Comic relief in poem by the way they act and
treat each other

The Iliad
• The Wrath of Achilles
• Scope: a few weeks out of 10 years
• Similes- from the world away from war
• Ring composition
o 24 books
• Values, rules, customs of Homer’s world
• Kings: basileus, anax
• War in Homer’s eyes
o Be good in war or good speaker in council

Boar’s tusk helmet
Tower shield

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